Profisec Ltd. has a vast experience in the operative and technological activities, creation, incorporation and integration of personal and corporate security solutions.

Our services include:

Development and incorporation of corporate and personal security systems

Development and implementation of individual solutions and complex security systems. Applying protection measures, including physical security systems, information security systems, documents exchange, live guards activities, operational functions, and information insurance.

Risk analysis and security systems audit

Establishing preventive security system

Physical security systems

Existing system’s audit and analyses

Designing and implementing physical security systems

Preparation of Terms of Reference

Design and installation of CCTV systems, access control, security alarm systems, fire detection and fire extinguishing systems, perimeter security systems, structured cabling systems /SCS/, Building Automation Systems /BAS/, communication systems

Information security, eavesdropping protection

Developing a system of organizational measures to counteract unauthorized eavesdropping and surveillance

Developing technical measures to counteract eavesdropping

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures /TSCM/- a service provided by qualified personnel to detect the presence of eavesdropping equipment

Sales or consultations on purchases of TSCM equipment

Sales and consultations on purchase and use of devices for control of an office, home, facility, personnel and activities

Implementation of measures restricting the information leakage, as well as the traceability and eavesdropping via mobile phones

Design and construction of technical secured areas /white or quiet rooms/

Providing personal and corporate solutions to achieve secure communications (encrypted connection). Security solutions against GSM eavesdropping

Full and comprehensive range of training courses.

Information security, prevention against unauthorized access to automated information systems and databases protection

Risk analyses

Security mechanisms used to prevent from unauthorized access, information theft or data records and database destruction.

Development of hardware and software security measures for users and system administrators control.

Designing and setting up jamming systems; isolating and neutralizing the emissions form server rooms and automated data processing systems.

Provide an Automated Information Systems (AIS) training program for users and system administrators, on how to apply the AIS rules and policies, intended to protect the information and prevent the loss of data

Consultations on development and implementation of ISO 27001 Standard

Cyber Crime investigations

Computer security audit, including in addition to the standard procedures also: Vulnerability assessment, Compromise assessment, Digital forensics and incident response

Design, manufacture and procurement of TSCM equipment; information security:

Design and manufacture of unique hardware and software products intended to solve security issues

Modification of available on the market products, to the specific needs of the client

Advice on and procurement of TSCM equipment from the leading manufacturers.

Investigations, loyalty checks, provision of information

Check the reliability and loyalty of job candidates, staff, different levels managers, partners etc.

Investigation and provision of information concerning clients, contractors, future partners, competitors and others

Analysis and provision of information of business deals, investment projects, business risks and threats.

Consultations and activities relating to the Classified Information Protection Act

Registries for Classified Information design and construction

Classified Information Protection Act (CIPA) Training

Design and construction of AIS, according to the CIPA requirements (TEMPEST)

Activities against eavesdropping and surveillance, under Chapter 9 and 10 from „The Regulation for system of measures, ways and means for physical security of classified information and the terms and conditions of their use.”

Training courses in the security field

Profisec provides a full and comprehensive range of training courses, including: Corporate security, bank security, information protection, physical and personal security, VIP guards, first aid, actions during crisis, etc.

Profisec provides on behalf of and on account of the insurance companies:

Private investigation of insurance frauds in cases of doubts for induction, staging, underreporting, alteration, concealment, falsification, validation of real or fictitious events or objects, facts, data, documents or using them in a particular case or situation at the contract conclusion or the liquidation of the damage, in order to deceive the insurer and subsequent extraction of financial gain.

Manufacturing and mounting GPS/GPRS trackers- tracker is created specifically for fast and hidden mounting in the vehicles and it is used for finding stolen vehicles. Profisec provide also services for locating missing vehicle which have our GPS tracker installed.

We also provide a complete range of solutions for buildings, premises and persons protection from electromagnetic radiation.

We are able to offer individual solutions not listed above, depending on the specific need of the client. Protection of our customer’s interests, discretion and not allowing unreasonable compromises are the fundamental principles that Profisec follows.



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