About us

Profisec Ltd. was founded in 2008 with the main purpose of advice, assistance and training to physical and juridical person in almost all the aspects of security. The company was founded and is managed by people having more than 25 years experience in various areas of the security. Undergone training in the country and abroad and had unique experience in providing protection to some of the most important institutions and objectives in the country and in many private companies and businesses.

Profisec is operating in the personal and company security field.

What does “Security” mean? Most of the people understand it like the home, office or car alarm or the armed guard in the entrance.

The Security is complex and quite wide concept. Here is one of the numerous definitions for company security: “The Corporate Security is a set of specific actions /efforts/ and structure of physical and information security of people, funds, material and intellectual property in order to help the process of creating conditions for continue successful work.”

Our team performs specialized activities, services and consultations for its clients. The company policy is related to enlarge their knowledge and practical training in the security field, aiming to increase the possibility of making independent decisions.

In our activity we rely on:

  • Professionalism
  • Concentration of efforts and resources in accordance with a dynamic list of risks, that have a priority on the basis of studying the current situation and deep analysis of the possible consequences from the risk.
  • Problems comprehensive examination in order to obtain complete solutions.
  • Decisions tailored in accordance with the specific needs of each client.
  • Clear set of considered essential elements of the security system: business intelligence, use of technical resources, staff, and emergent activities for permanently and not regularly appointed situations, monitoring and control of their implementation.
  • Security systems optimum integration in the client’s daily activities.
  • Reasonable proportion between the costs and results.
  • Protection of our customer’s interests, discretion and don’t allowing unreasonable compromises are the fundamental principles observed in our activities.



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