Signal Blocking Phone Case- Cow Leather

Bag 20.5&12
Case blocker of a mobile signal made of genuine caw leather.

When using this case, your phone appears as Unavailable or Network Busy for the person calling you.

Making it easier for you to stay out of touch when you need some quiet time.

The case has two pockets. The front pocket reduces the amount of radiation, and the rear pocket completely shields the signal.

The Blocking Case is extremely easy to use. Simply place your phone in the inner pocket and all calls will not get through.

Effective at keeping electronics, Key fobs, Mobile phones, contactless bank cards, ect. from emitting signals or receiving any signals as well.

Nifty and simple Gadget for blocking your cell phone from receiving calls.




  • 20.5 x 12 см.



Фирма “Профисек” ЕООД осъществява проект BG16RFOP002-2.073-16035-C01

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