Profisec Shoot Simulator Demo

Profisec Shooter and Profisec Shoot are set of simulators, designed for acquiring preliminary shooting skills with gun. The focus is on the shooting technique, including taking an aim and shoot. The opportunity for shooting on different targets in different conditions helps the skills improving. It is also fun for the trainees.

With Profisec Shoot it’s possible to recreate all kinds of shooting polygons, targets and shooting scenes on different conditions, with different types of guns. The guns and the polygons can be developed by specific inquiry of a client.

The provided program control by different joysticks and visualization by virtual 3D glasses, allows 3D visualized environment for the trainees without any screens and monitors. The picture is controlled by head movement; it changes directions and shooting polygons, creates extraordinary real feeling. It is place saving. The real needed space for a trainee is a normal working space.

Developing of different situations upon client’s request gives the opportunity for abroad missions’ team tactical training, criminals and terrorists arresting, VIP person’s protection and resolving other specific shooting tasks.

Profisec Shooter and Profisec Shoot are developed by Dreamteck team,

You can test the on-line simulator Profisec Shooter on

You can download Profisec Shoot from here.



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