Which information we need to protect and why?

The State is aware of this problem and therefore has a separate law on the protection of classified information and texts in the Criminal Code under which provide severe penalties for espionage, and errors in handling classified information. For those who have not read the law and are not aware of the matter – the classified information is the state and the official secret.

In some of the biggest corporations and companies there are rules and other documents, defining the business secret and its protection methods.

In the Bulgarian legislation there are several laws that treat different types of information that needs protection. Among these types of information is personal data too.

The business and personal intelligence work from itself. Think what you know about your competitors or businesses, entities or individuals that are in your industry. You’ll see that you are aware of many details – background, financial, potential area of interests, performed or future projects, existing or former employees. Now try to do the same with any company or person from another industry or area of life. If you compare the outcome you will see major difference in the quality and the quantity of information available in both cases. Even inadvertently, and in many cases intentional this type of information is collected, classified and analyzed both by you and by others back. What can be learned and if you are the subject of serious intelligence operation?

You don’t have to be surprised if an auction failed, difficulties arise in the business, withdrawn customer, created personal or business troubles, if you have not taken measures to protect your important information.

The protection of information starts with the determination of the important information that you need to protect. The exact definition of the information which needs protection is very important. The inclusion of wide range of categories in need of protection may lead to difficulties at work.

The most important element of the protection is the people having access to the information and their loyalty. The loyalty should be assessed before recruitment or admission to certain information. It is checked periodically during the employment or the access of people to the information. The greatest problem is to guarantee the loyalty and protection of certain information in the left or fired workers and people whose access to information is terminated, regardless of the reasons. This applies both to government and company entities. Especially in the private business. Hardly there is somebody who has not had problems with the left or fired employee, which started work in a competitive business, or created own one. In the private sector, the legislation enabling the protection of your confidential information is not so precise and don’t leave you great variety of possible solutions within the law.

The protection of state secrets and unfair actions of officers are monitored by the security services. There are time limits for the information protection reflected in the law. In the private sector, this protection is much more complicated but not impossible.

The second important point of protection is the information security. This is the information security generated, processed and stored in automated systems, computer configurations, and communication networks. The protection is organizational and technical, and the last one includes software and hardware measures. Organizational measures are perhaps more important than others, because the best technical resources can be failed and compromised by poor organization of work with the information.

The next element of the information protection is the physical security. The physical security includes physical barriers, life guards, electronic security systems, protection from interception and collection of information by technical ways. The purpose of the physical security is to not allow unauthorized persons to areas and places where store and process the information and to prevent the theft of physical carriers of information. It is very important to prevent the extraction of information from people who have it. In this sense, the physical security is to prevent impacting on human carriers of information.

The documentary security is not less important element. The documentary security deals with the protection and accountability of the physical carriers of information. If the reporting is not good and there are no clear rules to deal with documents, it is not a problem the documents to be stolen or copied. Have you ever asked yourself how secret documents fall within the media or other companies or intelligence?

These are some of the key elements of the information protection system.

One of the most important elements remained – the training and the motivation. The system cannot work if the people dealing with information are not familiar with the specific requirements and rules for work. That’s why is necessary training. Besides the training, people should be adequately motivated to comply with the requirements to protect information.

The most frequent words in this web site are “complex” and “system”. The protection of information is a complex event that can be achieved by a system of measures.

No matter if you are a public organization, company, entity or individual, we can help you protect your important information.



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